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Canny Collar reviews

Several dogs wearing Canny Collars

Based on 473 reviews
Canny Lead
shirley Petrie (Saint Helier, JE)

Lovely leads and collars, service fantastic and quick delivery

Canny Collar
Des Jones (Nottingham, GB)
Canny Collar

I’m very happy with this product, it really has made a massive difference on how much my dog pulls. I’d definitely recommend,
Thanks Des, the owner of a stubborn German Shepherd.

Canny Collar
Karen Brown (Harrogate, GB)
Canny marvellous

With a crazy pulling Red Lab, I had a sore shoulder, sore elbow, sore wrist. Even worse I came back from every walk angry, at myself for not being able to train Charlie to stop pulling. Walks were dreaded. I met a gentleman one day who recommended the Canny Collar and I said thanks and thought 'that'll not work' How wrong can you be? It's marvellous, no pulling, no trying to pull, he has completely calmed down and walks are fun again, we go twice a day minimum. Money cannot buy this level of joy.

Canny Collar
Anonymous (Brighton, GB)
Game changer!!

My German Shepherd was too strong for me to walk. Got a canny collar and I now finally have control and confidence again! Had some lovely walks this week. Can’t recommend enough!

Canny Lead
Y Abdul (Heanor, GB)
Comfortable lead

This lead is the perfect length for my Westie who pulls and isn’t yet fully trained. Halfway down the lead is a padded section that I can hold if my dog needs to have a shortened length of lead. Would buy another.

Canny Collar
Peter Blundred (Liverpool, GB)
2nd Canny collar

Fantastic product only re purchasing due to over excitable puppy biting a cut in tge orevoius one (he wasn't wearing it at the time). The service wd recived was first class.

Canny Collar

Absolutely superb, makes dog walking an absolute pleasure.

Canny Carabiners
Kate Taylor-Jansens (Peterborough, GB)
Brilliant Service

Easy to order and speedy delivery. Thank you

Canny Lead
Shaun Davies
Comfy handle

The canny lead is the perfect colour match to the collar, it has a very comfy handle and I love the neoprene grip lower down, gives you much more confidence when you need to guide your dog.
The lead seems very well made.
We ordered a second to match my other dogs collar as at the time didn’t know Canny did matching leads.
Now we have two very smart dogs on walks.

Canny Collar
John Manship (Derby, GB)


Canny Collar
Robert Morris (Wimbledon, GB)

Excellent product the second I've bought the first got to small, Excellent service and delivered well before due date.

Canny Collar
Allan Van As (Slough, GB)
Best solution EVER for our Labrador - Simply MAGIC on a lead

My daughter and son in law have a Labrador one year old (White) called Bella - It has been IMPOSSIBLE for my daughter to walk her and I had to babysit for a month last monh while they went on honeymoon, and after being pulled over and hurting myself in the park by 30 KG or mustle doubed down on all four legs pulling like a maniac a kindly stranger in the park came over to assist and told me about the CANNY lead. Three days later I had ordered the lead and it came and OH MY GOD - Better than ANY magic in Harry Potter - INSTANT - I mean INSANT control - INSTANTLY not pulling / walking next to me / not running to eat every living thing it can see - Absolutely amazing. We bought the Blue collar and then added on the blue lead which is very strong and feels very very secure. I love the belt buckle for the collar - whoever thought of this is a genius and five starts are NOT enough for this wonderful product so I award TEN stars ********** Allan, Berkhamsted

Not chew proof!

Perfect for one dog but slips of other dog muzzle

Canny Collar
AndyM (Mansfield, GB)
More relaxed walking

I was given a Canny collar to try, it instantly made a difference, I’d say 80% less pulling from my 9 month old Cockapoo.
He was in the habit of picking up everything he could as well, this is also less than before.
I purchased one straight away and the difference is instant compared to using a harmless.
It’s not a muzzle but a band fitting over the nose which reminds the dog not to pull.
Very good.


Best collar yet 👍

Canny Collar
DB, highland (Wick, GB)
Well made collar

Ordered this to replace a halti collar which was getting worn, canny collar seems much stronger and dog cannot back out of collar.

Canny Collar
James Galt (Bangor, GB)
Canny Collar medium to large dog size

Does what it sets out to do bit fiddley at first with nose band but does the job well

Canny Collar
Samantha Milne (Greenwich, GB)
Its like walking different puppies!

Brought these on the recomendation of our puppy groomer, walkies were no fun for anyone. We were getting shoulder and wrist pain and no training technique was working- these pups were going to pull! Oh my goodness our first walk with the Canny Collar and lead was amazing, we have just returned from a walking holiday in Wales doing an average 20,000 steps a day. Tired pups and no pain.

Canny Collar
Marian Harvey (West Malling, GB)
Game Changer!

I was recommended to try this by a customer in Pets at Home who, like us, has a highly exuberant cocker spaniel. Walking our puppy was not easy and the constant pulling was very tiresome and exhausting! However, the Canny Collar has changed it completely! It is now a pleasure to take him for a (very calm) walk. Really well made, great colour (red), little bit tricky to master getting it on at first (plus doesn't help having an excitable puppy) but once on, he accepted it quickly and like another reviewer, only tries to pull it off if he lays down. I had a query for the company after I bought it which got answered and resolved super quick. Highly recommend, thank you Team Canny Collar!

Canny Collar
Rachael W (London, GB)

Having tried different collars and harnesses and struggling with a very strong dog who pulls constantly, this was a last resort! The difference is astonishing. He just walks beautifully and doesn’t pull at all. Would highly recommend to anyone having trouble with strongly determined puller!

Canny Collar
Colleen Kimber (Farnborough, GB)

Having bought almost every lead and harness advertised as no pull we was still having problems, we have sent our puppy away twice for residential training which wasn't successful, how ever after purchasing the canny collar and lead walks are very much more enjoyable, no more be dragged about, it took me time to get used to how to use it correctly so my puppy was unable to get it off, if considering it don't hesitate it's a great investment.

Canny Lead
Helen Matthews (Stalybridge, GB)
Superb leads

I love these leads, they are really comfortable to hold with having the section of PVC to grip the lead half way along makes it much easier to use than a standard dog lead. The lead is the perfect companion to the Canny Collar but I also use it with a normal collar too. People have asked what kind of lead it is and can quickly see the benefits of having this style.
I have Spaniels and each dog has their own Canny lead.

Canny Collar
Michael Wright (Yeovil, GB)
It works ...but!

Our Labrador is a strong gun dog stock. After being laid up with Covid, he did not have many walkies for 3 months. When we resumed these, he pulled like a locomotive. This was a problem and despite employing a dog trainer, the problems still cropped up, especially when he saw other people and dogs. He lunged, causing risks of pulling us over. Our trainer was not very happy about using a Canny and suggested this as a last resort. This was auctioned and results were immediately noticed. We are not young and able to handle a locomotive Labrador. However, the Canny seems to be the answer.

Canny Collar
Susan (Driffield, GB)
Magical collar

I have a large strong excitable 1 year old Labrador who wants to meet everyone
Canny collar calms him down and lets me control him and not the other way around. He behaves differently when it’s on
He didn’t like it to start with and can remove the strap from his nose when he lies down
The only downside is it is very fiddly to put on but the way it calms him is worth it

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