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Canny Collar Stories

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Dog trainer Jodie Woodward walking 4 dogs

Jodie Woodward RVN APVN DipCBT DipCN DipCC CertCA, Canine Corrections, Plymouth, UK

"The Canny Collar has been such a useful tool in the training of not only my clients’ dogs, but also my own! It allows for a safe, secure and comfortable way of having more control over your dogs’ movements and stopping them from pulling.

Unlike other head collars, this is by far the easiest to use and most dog friendly due to pulling from the back (not the side) and it has a buckled collar for extra security – so no slipping out!

I will always recommend the Canny Collar to clients as a way of helping to achieve the desired goal of a loose lead walk!"


Jasper the retriever wearing a red Canny Collar

David Williamson & Jasper, Sudbury, UK

"Hi and good morning, just wanted to say thanks for the collar! We’ve used it three times now and the change is absolutely astounding!

We have a 4 year old male retriever who was pulling on the lead and almost impossible to walk. On occasion he also barked and leaped at other dogs. Since using the Canny Collar we have so much more control - the pulling has ceased and we’re able to walk past other dogs without any problems! It really is a game changer.

We’re now much more confident walking him, with the added benefit that he’s now learning other dogs aren’t a threat. It’s an incredible product and really has brought back the joy in walking our dog. Thank you"


Female golden shepherd dog

Nigel Woods & Sally, Boston, UK

"Who stole our dog and replaced her with a new obedient one?!

We have a two year old Golden Shepherd named sally, who we got from an old couple when she was about 7 months old as she was to lively for them to handle. I have tried everything over the last year and a half to sort her walking with no success. She would jump out at passing cars and bikes, jump and bark at other dog and pedestrians and I would come back from a walk with an arm feeling like I’d been doing press ups.

We bought a Canny Collar last week and within two walks she is now completely transformed. I cannot believe it is the same dog and with no effort from me, just put the collar on and walked out of the house within yard she seemed to settle to it. Now she is walking beside me like a normal dog.

I used to thread my wrist through the handle of the lead and grip the main lead with my hand to be able hold her. Tonight, I kid you not, at times I was walking and holding her with one finger.

Thank you very much and I will wholeheartedly recommend this to everybody."


Grey female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Kimberley Jones & Rita, Teesside, UK

"Just wanted to send a message to say THANK YOU a million times!!!! I’ve just got back from a walk with my 2 yr old Staffy Rita and had a wonderful calm walk.

To give you the back story Rita is 18kg of pure Staffy muscle, always on cat prowl, walks at 4789374mph and gets excited and darts forward. Walking as a family just doesn’t happen as she drags me after my son. It’s got to the point I’ve had to go to physio for my shoulders!! We’ve gone through countless dog trainers, tried all of the gadgets and gizmos and (pardon the pun) we were at the end of our tether with her.

Someone mentioned the Canny Collar and I was a little dubious as we’ve had head collars before but this one was something else! I love the thick fixed collar and the reins behind the head instead of the chin, she couldn’t slip out (despite her best efforts).

For the first time in months I’ve managed to take my son with his scooter and haven’t ended up stressed or my shoulders in bits!"


Black and white nervous rescue dog

Sara Douglas & Rocky, Derby, UK

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the service l have received via your company. I placed an order yesterday afternoon and it was packaged and shipped the same day and has arrived with me for dinner time the following day.

I adore the product having used it on my nervous reactive rescue dog and find it to be far superior to its competitors such as Halti etc. This is my third Canny Collar now and l wouldn’t be without one for my dogs. Thank you for a brilliant product and the outstanding service. I have enclosed a photo of my rescue dog Rocky sporting his Canny Collar proudly."


Black and white Shitzu mixed breed dog

Chrissy Roberts & Oscar, Wendover, Bucks, UK

"The Canny Collar is a miracle!

We have tried everything for our small poodle, Shitzu mixed breed. He is two and would never walk to heel. Well trained in all other aspects but a nightmare to walk. Constantly pulling. Within minutes of wearing this collar, he is now a dream to walk AND he is happy with it.

He actually almost immediately accepted the Canny Collar and seems to like it. It does not seem uncomfortable for him in any way.I only wish I had found it sooner as it would have saved us a lot of money.

He hated his harness and would hide when we got it out! He has a short nose due to his breeding and it still works perfectly. He now walks beside us perfectly and walking is now a joy. He is so well trained in all other ways, perfect recall, loads of tricks etc. We are both retired and although he is small, walking was strenuous as he constantly pulled, probably in anticipation of getting to a place where we chuck his ball (obsessed with it).

Thank you again!"


Black dog lying on grass with bone

Elizabeth Lindsay & Misty, Matlock, Derbys, UK


I have adopted a cheerful, curious and willing greyhound, of 25-26kg. We've had her for 3 months. She not only pulls on the lead, but pulls left right, also turns 180 degrees and pulls, when we've gently walked past another dog! She uses her shoulders to lead the direction left and right , she's a bit of a strength trainer in herself.

But I got the Canny Collar in the post yesterday , and used it this morning. I couldn't believe it! Loose lead all the way, easy to navigate the dog, lots of praise as you suggest, and only a few attempts to paw it away, easily solved by walking even faster. So now I get stamina training ! No bad thing.

So thank you for the miracle!

My daughter has got a Canny Collar for her Malamute, it's lasted 5 years, still good, and has made life so much easier to walk her dog. So it was a recommendation from my daughter. I'll tell our vets, next time I go. They recommended a halti, but I said my doberman just strengthened his neck muscles, and sorted that out in a week or two!

The clever mechanics of your collar will sort out my dog!”


Black and white Cocker Spaniel eating ice cream

Stephen Mellard & Milo, Mexborough, South Yorks, UK

”I’ve previously owned 2 Canny Collars and this week I received my third for my young cocker spaniel. I had forgotten how effective your collars are and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchase.

Our spaniel Milo is only 16 months old and can be a bit of an handful when out walking. He is only 12.5 kilos but he has the strength of a much bigger and heavier dog.

I received the collar yesterday and started using it this morning. Milo (not surprisingly) wasn’t sure about the strap across his nose and attempted to paw it off but after about 100 metres he soon started to walk without any issues. Over the 3 mile walk he did occasionally try the odd time to remove it but this wasn't a major problem.

The difference in the way he walked was remarkable! He did not attempt to pull in any way and walked to my side. It will not be long before he gets used to the Canny Collar and it will be more pleasurable to be out walking.

I made a wise decision to also buy the Canny Lead and I am also pleased with the thought given to its design and manufacture.”


Golden Retriever dog sitting on lawn in sun

Sharon Rochester & Ugo, London, UK

”I’ve been walking a huge Golden Retriever for the past two weeks. Well, when I say ‘walking’ I mean handling! He jumps, mouths the leash, my hands and arms (to the point of bruising). I trained that behaviour down to a minimum but still he pulled like crazy (I’m only 5ft tall) and I was starting to dread the two walks per day that the owners requested.

I was advised to try the Canny Collar. It arrived today so I tried it first on a Golden Labrador who resisted it so I was expecting quite the battle with the retriever as he’s bigger and far less obedient on leash.

However, much to my joy, from the moment we stepped out this dog walked like a dream with your collar on. It was an absolute joy to have him stay at my side and stop when I did. In addition, I was able to stop and chat and there was none of the old jumping and attention seeking behaviour. I cried, I was so overjoyed at being able to walk him as outside of walking he is an absolutely adorable dog.

I cannot express how impressed I was and how dramatic and immediate the change was!! (He reverted back to pulling when I tried his old lead again so it’s definitely the collar doing the work!!)

I will be shouting your name from the rooftops and recommending you to all I know. Many, many thanks.”


Peter Mason, Claverdon, Warwickshire, UK

“I am writing to say how useful I find your Canny Leads. I have three dogs and I purchased three of these leads in 2016. There are so many times when I have to temporarily secure one or more of the dogs to a lamppost or fence and the clip on the handle makes this so easy to do.

When I take the dogs to the park in the car they all want to exit the car at once but I can secure them, for a controlled exit, inside the car before I leave home. These leads are a brilliant idea and I am amazed no-one has thought of this before.”


Labradoodle dog wearing a Canny Collar while sitting

Aimee Collier & Indi, Birmingham, UK

“I’d fully recommend the Canny Collar to anyone who is looking for a gentle and effective way to control their dog when walking. Indi is very fearful of people passing nearby and would pull to chase buses and motorcyclists or children on bikes. She has now learned to not pull ahead or lunge because the Canny Collar helped us to keep her under control while we used positive reinforcement of treat training alongside it. We could see the difference on the very first walk.

Indi had a tendency to lunge for motorbikes, cyclists, joggers...basically anything fast moving. Quite a dangerous problem on a busy road. Now with the lightest of touch she is back under control and is learning to be completely disinterested in passers-by. She walks happily and it's a joyous easy walk for us.”


Jon & Jacqui Dixon, Macko & Cookie, Weymouth, Dorset, UK

"Words cannot express how I feel right now. Walking was a nightmare. Macko and Cookie are brother and sister. Both husky/springer Cross they are so strong that we often returned with all of us upset. My wife couldn't even take them on her own.

As a last resort we tried the Canny Collars. I was totally sceptical, but desperate. We put them on each dog and the results were immediate. Yes that quick! I took each in turn yesterday. Today I chanced both dogs together. We are now home and I am stunned. No pain, not stress. Your product will change not only our lives, but the dogs' too.

Thank you so much."


Black working Cocker Spaniel lying on rug

Mel Clark & Chancer, Perth, Scotland

"Simply put, Fan-bloody-tastic! We have a working Cocker Spaniel just on 8 months old, training has gone very well with all the standard commands, Sit, Down, Come and Wait however he's a bloody nightmare for pulling. I tried everything to get him to walk beside me without pulling and it got to the point where he was starting to hurt my hand and arm after about 30min walking. I then bought the 'Canny Collar' and it's all stopped... instantly.

In this day and age when a lot of manufacturers put out all sorts of products and make all sorts of claims, I always feel disappointed at some point. But the Canny Collar works and instantly, what a difference in him and all for less than £20 - an absolute bargain.

What a difference in walking him. I'm not going to harp on, a big thanks guys, a great product that actually works, me and wee Chancer sorted, cheers guys."


Louise Deakin & Mitsy, York, UK

"Just want to say a huge thank you. I wasn't sure that this was going to help with our bullmastiff's pulling as I've tried everything, including £600 for training. This is actually amazing, she was great from the start and a lot more calm. I'd recommend it to anyone."


John Crichton, Glasgow, Scotland

"Just wanted to say thanks. I'm amazed at the Canny Collar! My 6 month old Springer pulled like crazy and I was told to wait until he was 9 months to have a chance at training him.

I couldn't wait so thought I'd try this. He hated it on his first walk and kept pulling it off. So I watched the instruction video.... 5 minutes later he was walking at my side. Absolutely unbelievable! Suddenly it's enjoyable to take him for a walk! So thanks from him for more walks and from me for letting me enjoy them too!" 


Sarah Jones, Huddersfield, W Yorks, UK

"Just to let you know that Murphy loves his Canny Collar (see attached photo’s) we got the black one from a local supplier The Pet Store Denby Dale and then I ordered a red one from you for my Maltese terrier Maisy (I will have to do more training with her to wear it, she keeps trying to push it off!) But Murphy our 9 month old Cockapoo loves it – I have tried numerous harnesses, but they have never worked.

From the first day we put this on him he has not pulled at all – we cannot believe the difference it has made. My arms and hips don’t hurt anymore and it’s a pleasure to go for a walk. I highly recommend this product to everyone." 


Kate Searle, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, UK

"Just wanted to write a review to say how fantastic the Canny Collar really is. I’ve got a two-year-old rescue working line german shepherd and it looked like she had never been on a leash. She was frantic, anxious, barking and screaming at everything, zig-zagging in front of me. It was so bad I stopped walking her for a week as I just couldn’t face it (also waiting for blisters on my hands to heal). I even considered taking her back and the thought broke my heart.

I was crying on phone to a friend of mine one night over it and the next day she came over with a Canny Collar. I was reluctant as I have tried a head harness (from another brand) and it was disastrous - she escaped. As soon as I put the Canny Collar on she was calmer even in the house. I took her over to the nature reserve (full of distractions) and she was fantastic - none of the above behaviour. The dog I had always dreamed of was in front of my the whole time, I just needed the right tool to reach her.

Zena now does ability and IPO sports. I’ve recently lost her Canny Collar and although in the ring and at work she’s fine now without it, on general walks she prefers it. So I’m off to purchase another. I would recommend this product to all dog owners whether they pull or not as it just seems to drop the anxiety levels gently.

Thank you Canny Collar team."


Dave & Angela Galley, Ackworth, W Yorks, UK

“Amazing product!

Our Rhodesian Ridgeback (Leo) used to pull ALL THE TIME. Especially towards other dogs and humans. Now he's a little 'cherub'. He walks perfectly to heel and there's no pulling whatsoever. We still have a little battle actually putting the muzzle strap on, but with a little praise, guile and treats its possible. It's early days as well. We've only had it about a week so far.

We're baffled as to how it actually works, but it just does!”


Ellie Riley, Belper, Derbys, UK

"This is Harvey, I 'rescued' him three days ago from a couple who just couldn’t cope with him. He is a well-built, very strong 10-month-old Staffy cross, extremely boisterous and he will dive on anybody in an instant. I am a 5 foot 3”, 8-stone female and as you can imagine, to attempt to take him for a walk was a nightmare.

I didn’t actually purchase this collar, it was loaned to me by a friend who bought it for their Rottie after she started getting aggressive and pulling to get at other dogs on walks. It worked for his dog and it definitely works for mine.! He was a little wary of it at first and just wanted to get it off but now it calms him, he doesn’t jump, lunge, pull or even attempt to run off. It is an amazing collar and really does work!

I will be returning the borrowed collar and buying one of our own. I have recommended it to all my doggy friends, my family and anyone and everyone on Facebook. It is a god send!"


Kim Smith, Basildon, Essex, UK

"This is my gorgeous 18-month-old male Staffy, Archie. He is such a strong puller and I was beginning to become miserable taking him out for a walk - it was beginning to become a chore I dreaded.

Well not now since I purchased a Canny Collar!!! I can't recommend this collar enough, he walks and behaves like a dream when we are out now and it's an absolute pleasure taking him out. I don't see it as a chore anymore but something I enjoy!! Don't know what I would have done without it! I'm only sorry I didn't find it sooner.

So if you have a puller that's a nightmare to walk, look no further than the Canny Collar. It is head and shoulders above the rest, including a Halti which is nowhere near as good in my opinion.

Thank you Canny Collar!"


Karen Jobson, South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, UK

"Just had to email to so thank you, thank you, thank you! Your collar is the best thing since sliced bread and my lovely 7 month old black Labrador, Tag, is walking to heel and has done so from day one. My arm has finally shrunk back to normal size!!!!

I cannot express how much this means to me and it has made walking a real pleasure again. You guys are the best!

Thanks again and kind regards." 


Sally Ridley, Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK

"Amazing!! I cannot believe what a difference the Canny Collar has made!

My English Springer is six years old, extremely lively and has never managed to learn not to pull on the lead. Walks have always been hard work and stressful and it has restricted where we can take her.

The Canny Collar was recommended by a complete stranger we met while on holiday in the Lake District. We tried it for the first time today and - What a difference! After about 300 metres Lucy accepted the idea and walked beautifully at my side on a loose lead all the way - tail wagging! You cannot imagine how pleased and relieved I feel! Thank you!" 


Carol Bridger, Minworth, Sutton Coldfield, UK

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Canny Collar!

Pancho is a Spanish Galgo x GSD who came over from Spain just five weeks ago and I am fostering him for Birmingham Greyhound Protection. Unfortunately Pancho was in a pound for most of his life and the only time he left his kennel was when he was neutered, so he is afraid of everything! Walking him was a nightmare because he is so strong and every little sound, every person and every motor vehicle would turn him in to a frightened, bucking wreck and trying to control him took all my strength despite having two leads, one attached to a collar and one to a body harness, it was like walking a steam train!!

BGP then bought him a Canny Collar and it is now a totally different story. I do not have to use his body harness, he doesn't pull any more and if he does shy away from something I feel more in control and am able to settle him down much quicker. This also means that I can take Pancho and my own greyhound, Mia, for walks together which is great as Mia can pass on her confidence to Pancho and help him to feel happier about being outside! I am going to buy Mia one for Christmas as she can be a little headstrong at times and I believe she'll benefit from wearing a Canny Collar too. Many thanks again for producing such a simple but effective design.


Lisa & Tony Davies, Carquebut, Normandy, France

"Hello, just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! We received our parcel Saturday and on Sunday we tried the new collar out, ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!

After six years of trying so many other products, at long last we have found your collar that actually does the job, WELL DONE! We will be telling other dog owners about your products and sharing your YouTube clip.

Thanks again."


Dave McKimm, Leek, Staffs, UK

"I have a 10 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier boy that has been a bit of a handful recently and is very strong compared to our SBT girl. He’s just completed his foundation puppy training and the one thing we just couldn’t master was his walking nicely on the lead. Sometimes he would be ok and sometimes he would just pull like a tank and make the walks a real pain.

After reading a few positive comments from members of our SBT Forum and hearing some of the success stories, I went out and purchased one myself as we had nothing to lose and everything to gain. What an amazing difference! He probably spent the first 10 mins of wearing it trying to wriggle out of it and jump around, then he just settled with acceptance and it's like walking a different dog. He doesn’t make much effort to stop and sniff every 2 seconds, grab grass or keep crossing my path and generally just trots along by my side with very minor corrections here and there. He doesn’t lunge towards other dogs either but I feel a lot of this is to do with the fact that we are both so much more chilled out walking.

It’s extremely easy to use and I use it in conjunction with a shortened vario (over the shoulder lead ) for very easy hands free walking."


Mrs G Brookes, Exeter, Devon, UK

"I ordered my collar online. The process was simple, and the delivery very quick. I had ordered the wrong size, however this was not a problem at all as I simply posted back the collar that was too large, with a note in it, and the Canny Company exchanged it for a collar that was the correct size, no fuss, no issues.

The collar works like magic! At last I can look forward to my walks with my large and very strong golden retriever without feeling like he is taking me for a walk! I think my dog approves of the purchase too. He is three years old and yet has already adjusted very well to the new collar.

Thank you Canny Company!"


Sandra Bleakley, Louis and Reuben, Lower Darwen, Lancs, UK

"I bought the Canny Collars for our two 7-month-old Labrador puppies who pull and bark when they are on the lead. To be perfectly honest I didn't hold out too much hope that they would make a difference, we have tried everything from harnesses to a one-to-one trainer without much success. We were undecided whether to buy Haltis or Canny Collars but after reading lots of testimonials we chose the Canny Collar.

Oh joy, how glad we are that we did!! They are FANTASTIC! The first time we put them on the boys it was amazing, no pulling or barking and they even seem to like wearing them which is a marvellous bonus. It's now a real joy to take them for a walk.

We have had Labradors for almost 40 years and this is the first time we have felt compelled to write a testimonial about anything. We cannot thank you enough for such a brilliant product and we recommend it without reservation to everyone we meet. 


Anne Laine & Narla, Cumbria, UK

"Just contacting you to say how delighted I am with the Canny Collar! One was given to me to try by two canine 'behaviourists' (Martin & Gill) who have spent a couple of sessions with me and my fifteen month old (Blue) German Shepherd bitch.

We both had a very traumatic experience a few months ago as we were attacked by a pack of three loose dogs. She fought for her life (and possibly mine too!). Some youths came to our rescue and determinedly kicked them away but we were both left sore & bleeding. Since then she has turned very aggressive towards other dogs and I have great difficulty holding her.

I have tried all manner of things...bells/rattles/a muzzle, harnesses and a leader strap...all to no avail. Walks had become a nightmare for both of us. Incredibly, the Canny Collar calms her down immediately and gives me the control I need when she does have a 'panic attack' (now much less frequent). She is beginning to socialise with other dogs again with the help of another local trainer (Helen) who has helped me to re-introduce her to other dogs and become more sociable. It has seemed a long process but, finally, your collar has done the trick. It is fantastic!

I will be recommending the brand to all my doggy friends who take their owners for a walk too!"


Vicky Lloyd & Diesel, Cambridge, UK

"I have today purchased a Canny Collar for my 10-month-old 35kg Rottweiler puppy, Diesel, previously known as ASBO dog!

We have just been for our first walk and I simply cannot believe what you have given us. She was a total pleasure to walk with, no pulling, no leaping about, no sniffing and most importantly no attempt to do the traditional puppy greeting to every passing cyclist, car or pedestrian! For the first time I am in 110% control of my dog and have so much more confidence taking her out.

This collar is a total revelation to us and I cannot thank you enough for inventing such a brilliant device! It is not in my nature to send gushing emails to anyone but I just couldn't let this pass without recognition. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" :o)


Ingrid Riches & Wilson, Sidcup, Kent, UK

"Hello Canny Collars!

Thank you, thank you! We ordered a Canny Collar which came next day, brilliant service. Since we have had our one-year-old springer spaniel, walking him has been a nightmare. In every other way, he is great, but it was becoming a misery walking him with the pulling and straining. We put the collar on, and from the very first walk he has been a different dog, we actually have the dog we hoped for, it is a joy to take him out now, we cannot thank you enough. It is so lovely for him too, without being shouted at and yanked back constantly.

We are never in now, walking him is wonderful.............your collar has transformed all our lives!"


Toni Wright & Jasper, Madrid, Spain

"The Canny Collar has answered my prayers! I have a 45lb, 2yr old, mixed breed dog from a shelter named Jasper. While he has always been rambunctious and playful, within the last 6 months he has developed a serious aggression problem within the small spaces of our building and outside with other dogs. Normally well behaved, he would become fixated on his "target" and I was never able to re-establish control in order to train away the behavior -- until the Canny Collar. It is a miracle device. It worked within SECONDS. Although I have used it only for a short while, there has been a marked improvement in his behavior and overall attitude when on walks. And his aggression inside our apartment building is also abating.

I am so thrilled with this product! On behalf of myself, Jasper, and the people in my building - thank you, thank you, thank you!!"


Niki Isace (age 14) & Jack, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK

"I would like to thank you for the Canny Collar. My dog Jack was a bad puller (especially in new places), I had used lots of training aids (haltis, harness etc) and none of them worked for him until I tried the Canny Collar. When I put it on Jack, he didn't try to take it off and when I took him out it took literally 5 minutes for him to stop pulling! He now walks at my side or behind me and after being pulled for 6 years, this is amazing! I now love taking Jack out!

I am amazed with the collar and will be telling the local dog trainer about this product. THANK YOU!!"

John Tyler & Ronnie, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, UK

"I have a one-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is the worst puller I have ever known. Seriously, it's insane I know but he was like a 50lb muscular eel wriggling and diving (and I have owned a lot of Staffies) and within 3 walks with the Canny Collar he now trots alongside me and is a pleasure to walk. Very occasionally he will try to dip his head and get the collar off but the collar has fixed the one problem I had with my dog and it would have been worth 10 times the price, it's absolutely fantastic! I had to write because I am always sceptical about testimonials and wanted people to know this collar works."  


Loraine & Jamie Stupart with Murphy, West Lothian, Scotland

"Canny Collar....AMAZING! It's absolutely fantastic and money well spent! I have a Boxer pup who is 7-months-old and he has the typical Boxer nature...boisterous, excitable, full of life and STRONG. He was becoming a nightmare to walk, pulling me off my feet, walking him was becoming more of a chore than a pleasure. Someone told us about the Canny Collar and after reading the reviews decided to give it a try.

It arrived the other day there and it's like walking a different dog, I'm loving taking Murphy on his walks again and my 9-year-old son can even walk him on the lead now. At first he was a bit fussy about it, rubbing his nose along the ground, shaking his head and trying to paw it off it but I persevered and gave him loads of praise and treats along the way and by the end of his first walk with the Canny Collar on, he was transformed. I would recommend the Canny Collar to anyone thinking about buying one, no matter how much your dog pulls. If it can change Murphy it can change any dog. It's Genius.

Many, many thanks."


Wendy & David Rushton with Blake, Norton, Worcs, UK

I received yesterday your Canny Collar for our very boisterous 7-month-old chocolate labrador. Up until now, I had not been able to control him whilst walking, even ending up with ligament damage to my knee due to being pulled over. My Husband and I had almost given up, when our local veterinary assistant showed us one of your collars that she used on her dog. Well we came home and ordered it straight away.

The product arrived yesterday so I immediately tried it out on Blake and the improvement was instant! He walked by my side, and even sat down when I gently pulled back on the nose strap. In fact, when I arrived back home I cried with relief as I thought I would never be able to walk Blake on my own. My Husband took Blake out this morning, and again, the improvement was immense.

He is so much better, though he does have the occasional rub of his nose, but it does not hurt or mark him in any way. I can and will highly recommend your fantastic product to all my 'doggie friends', as I can honestly say you have saved our relationship with our much loved labrador Blake.

Sincere wishes to all the staff at Canny Company and what a wonderful, wonderful product."


Don Black & Mac, Donacloney, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland

"I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and I have an 18 month Labrador cross. He is full of life and is a very obedient dog but is an absolute disaster to walk. I have tried various different methods of trying to walk him, different collars, choke chains and halters all of which failed miserably.

My friend has a Husky puppy and told me about the Canny Collar. I bought it the next morning and thought there is no way this is going to work. I put it on and walked him round our garden about 3 times and he did try to paw it off. I then had the pleasure of walking him for the first time for half a mile. I just could not believe it, Mac never pulled once. I now just show him the collar and he bounces with delight. This collar does not hurt or annoy Mac in any way. Thank you once again for such a brilliant collar.

Thanks again for a great idea and making my life soooooooo much better."


Claire Jones, Durham, UK

"I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU Canny Company for making my life a lot easier to walk my two Beagles. I purchased two collars, one of which was the wrong size but was that a problem? Nope, I sent it back and within two days I got a replacement, what service, brilliant! Then I tried the collar out at the weekend on one of my beagles, she was permantly nose to the floor and a hundred mile an hour and nothing I tried would stop her but within a few seconds she was walking next to me like a angel!

It's the first walk that I have enjoyed since getting her (she's 19 months old). I can't thank you enough and would highly recommend the collar to anyone without a doubt. Its the best money i have spent and much better than getting your arm pulled out of it's joint or only going on short walks cause its such hard work.

Thanks again."


Ken Clark & Megan, Crete

"We live in Crete, Greece and recently ordered a Canny Collar for an out of control English Springer Spaniel that we had rescued after she was found tied to a metal oven with 5 puppies and almost starved to death. Thankfully she is now restored to full heath and lives here with us and one of the puppies, the others have all been re-homed to British families on the island.

The Canny Collar arrived very quickly by airmail post and was immediately used to take Megan (her new name) on a walk through the olive groves. The result was unbelievable - after less than 5 minutes she walked to heel without a struggle. The product is of excellent quality and causes her no distress whatsoever, we all look forward to our walks now.

I have had dogs for over 35 years but have never endorsed a product in the past but this one is so good I had to sing its praise to the world!!! When next we visit the vet I will show it to him so that he can recommend it to others who have trouble walking their dogs.

Thanks for such a great product." 


Heather Barrow & Chez, Darwen, Lancs, UK

"I was pleased to receive my Canny Collar soon after payment and tried it out straight away. Having a 35kg greyhound (with fear agression) that has a very strong prey instinct and that had previously escaped from two well known brand headcollars, I had lost a great deal of confidence in the dog and myself. I dreaded seeing a dog off the lead! From the first minute it was like having a new dog. He made no attempt to get the Canny Collar off and walked by my side. We did the same route that normally had me dodging traffic after numerous attempts by him to get to other dogs. This was the real test and he passed with flying colours! I am now confident enough to get him in a training class. I've also had a serious foot complaint which has meant I have little balance and this has been greatly helped by the use of this collar.

I will be recommending it to anyone who will listen. Also a personal thanks to Sean (Managing Director) who personally contacted me when I was having trouble getting my payments through online. Seeing a company still giving that personal service is rare indeed. Thank you again."


Julie Malkin & George, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK

"I JUST DONT BELIEVE IT!! My Canny Collar arrived today, very speedy service I might add and I have a new dog! I took George my hyperactive rescue greyhound crossbreed for a WALK. Yes a WALK, not a drag, not a battle, not a race, but a controlled steady heeled walk! I have arthritis in my hands and have had many products to help me, but this one is the best I have purchased by far, well worth every penny!

I am totally amazed at your product and did not even believe the videos on your website until I actually walked my dog tonight. Truly amazing, THANK YOU so much, I will be telling all my friends!" 


Graham Ayres & Smiffy, Luton, Beds, UK

"Thank you very much for sending the Canny Collar. After three years of trying a host of products and struggling with Smiffy,within ten minutes of putting on the Canny Collar he is now walking perfectly. As someone who uses a walking stick, your Canny Collar has been a revelation. I am now telling everybody I meet who has a dog to buy one. After seeing me and Smiffy out and about and how well behaved he is, I am sure they will. Thank you once again."


Mike Green & Lexi, Brackley, Northamptonshire, UK

"Thank you for making my daily dog walks a pleasure instead of a nightmare! We recently acquired a lovely two-year-old Bullmastiff from a rescue home which had been house trained but unfortunately had no obedience training whatsoever. This meant that walking her was such an effort (so much so that I'm sure my arm nearly came off on more than one occasion!), embarrassing and in no way a pleasure. It also crossed my mind that anyone passing me barely controlling a large, powerful dog might be frightened or even complain - possibly resulting in her being 'dealt with'.

Upon getting some advice from the rescue home, the Canny Collar was recommended and I duly took my dog into the shop with me for a fitting (cue utter chaos!). I'm in no way exaggerating when I say that within one minute of using the Canny Collar, Lexi was a different dog. Yes, she didn't really like the strap across her nose (although it was clear it didn't hurt her) and tried to knock it off with her paws, but she was transformed. Whereas she would strain against her choke chain as hard as she could, criss-cross in front of me (highly annoying) and generally run amok, now she trots alongside me and doesn't even bother even trying to go off and explore.

I now just let the lead handle rest in my fingers, instead of having to make sure it was looped around my wrist in case she pulled out of my grip. I'm so grateful and will thoroughly recommend the Canny Collar to anyone.

Many thanks!"


Helen and Darren Featherstone, Jazz & Poppy, Freiston, Lincs, UK

"Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed we are with the Canny Collar we bought yesterday at Crufts. We have two dogs, a six-year-old collie cross and a 10-month-old 60kg (yes really!!) Newfoundland. Usually my fiancé walks the Newfie and I walk the collie, due to me being 'vertically challenged' and her weight being nearly as much as me. However recently he got a back injury which meant he has been unable to walk the Newfie. Because of her strength, I have also been unable to walk the dogs often so they have not had their regular walks while my fiancé has been recovering.

We bought our Canny Collar and decided to try it out this afternoon. Within five minutes I was able to walk our Newfie down the street without being pulled off my feet! My fiancé also walked her for a while and was fine even with his bad back. We got back from our walk without feeling as if we had run a marathon!

I have never contacted a company after buying anything before but we were so impressed that we had to tell you how pleased we are and how this is going to make a difference to our lives with our giant puppy!"


Suzanne Ross, Dalkeith, Scotland

"I purchased a Canny Collar from you for my 8 year old staffie lab cross and just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product. I have tried every other means possible to stop her from pulling on the lead and nothing ever worked.

The new collar arrived this morning and I put it on her to take her for a walk and for the first time in 8 years we actually had a walk instead of my being pulled the whole way. My 10 year old daughter has never been able to walk Pippa as it wasn't safe for her to do so as Pippa would drag her to wherever she chose to go and my daughter wasn't strong enough to stop her. My daughter was able to walk Pippa this morning and had her walking to heel. It was a wonderful sight to see.

Once again, thank you so much for this wonderful product. From this moment on it will be a pleasure to be able to take Pippa on walks and I won't come back aching from straining to hold on to her."


George Coyle, Helensburgh, Scotland

"Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I must admit I ordered a collar straight away but I thought it might be too good to be true, especially as I have tried the 'Halti' type collar on previous pets. I have given up after first five minutes, normally because they still pulled and the strap looked like it was cutting into their eyes. However, with the Canny Collar, 'Troy' is tamed (Troy is a 3 year old Akita). He didn't need telling twice and is now a different dog to walk - even the kids can walk him and feel confident doing it as well.

We have had the collar now for about three days and can't stop recommending it to friends and family alike. So from a delighted customer who's shoulder, chest take a beating no more - thanks!"


Val and Walter Lawrenson Ormskirk, Lancs, UK

"We have a 2 year old rescue dog, Prince. He looks just like one of the dogs on your website video. He has always been a handful on the lead and is so strong I am unable to actually hold him on a walk. We have tried a halti, gentle leader and even a spray collar to stop him pulling but all to no avail.

We received our Canny Collar on Wednesday and the transformation is a miracle. My husband and I are very pleased with the result and I can now actually hold the lead on a walk and remain upright! My friend who has an unruly Great Dane is now also sending for a Canny Collar because of my recommendation. Here is a photo of Prince, my handsome boy. Thanks again."


Jean Law, Sheba & Smokie, Plymouth, Devon, UK

"It has been a great couple of months since I bought my Canny Collars and now walking is so much easier with two dogs - no more tugging! Sheba who is 18 months was the puller and Smokie who is six was so hard to restrain without hurting your hands and I used to have the leads wrapped round to hold him back. Someone recommended the Canny Collar and this has been the best £30 I have ever spent!!

They both sit and let me put the collar and lead on and walking is brilliant! I can walk both dogs using only one hand and just a slight jerk with one finger can bring them back to my side so much better. But now they don't even pull that often so it's not necessary. I have severe tennis elbow and walking used to give me pain but now I can use one hand to control them and have slack leads in the other hand. A tremendous difference! Thank you!"


Mrs Karen Crockford, London, UK

"Just wanted to contact you to say how fantastic your Canny Collar is! I had tried absolutely everything on my now 9 months old cocker spaniel - Halti, harness, Gentle Leader and the stop and wait method. She has pulled ever since she started going out for walks at around 12 weeks old!

I have finally been able to have a normal, pleasurable walk with her. She did resist a little to it but now she walks like a dream. Being a gundog, all she wanted to do was sniff, pull, sniff, pull, sniff, pull. She can still sniff but she doesn't pull. In fact she waits until she gets to the park for a good sniff now when she is off leash. I have recommended this collar to others and keep going on about it but it's made me so much more relaxed out on our walks. Thank you for inventing it!"


John Cowan, Douglas, Isle of Man, UK

"We have an 11 month old yellow Lab bitch who is a delight to be with except when she's on a lead. She's passed her obedience classes with flying colours (and starts more advanced classes next month) but nothing we do has persuaded her not to pull. As for a Halti...forget it...walks on the lead became ten times worse!!!

I was in the pet shop last week buying a harness in the hope that one might help and I happened to mention to the proprietor about the problem. He immediately produced a Canny Collar and suggested that I try it out. He'd only just got a few in to try them out after a request from another customer so he wasn't able to give any feedback on success rates. I was prepared to try anything, though I didn't hold out much hope that the Canny would be any more successful that the Halti.

How wrong I was! It was easy to put on and Katie took to it virtually immediately. To walk with a loose lead was virtually unheard of until last week and my wife and other members of the family have now been taking her out for extra walks without fear of being pulled over, so both dog and family have benefited.

I am the world's most cynical person when it comes to reading testimonials on websites or in advertising literature, but I have to say that everything that I have seen on yours is absolutely true so far as my experience is concerned. A fantastic product which has taken a worry out of our lives."

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